Light. Control. Savings.
  • Energy efficient light sources
  • The minimum human involvement in the control
  • Full autonomy of operation
  • Automatic adjustment with external conditions
  • Absolute reliability
  • Complete information on the system status
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Uninterrupted operation mode

Question: Is it possible to reduce operating costs for lighting? 

Answer: Yes, there is! If we apply reliable, energy-efficient equipment and a high level of integration.

Reducing power consumption:

  • economical lamps;
  • accounting natural light in the room and automatically dimming lamps;
  • accounting staff present in rooms eliminates the possibility of uncontrolled consumption of electricity;
  • Automatic mode to change the light on schedule, (working/not working time, holidays, etc.).

Reduce costs for equipment maintenance lighting system:

  • reducing the number of repairs of lamps due to high quality products;
  • 15 years uptime rather than periodic replacement of traditional bulbs;
  • no need for recycling fluorescent lamps;
  • reducing the cost of maintaining equipment and spare parts of fixtures according to the nomenclature.

Reduce costs of the ongoing operation of the lighting system:

  • remote monitoring instead of the regular rounds and checkups;
  • reducing the burden on the people;
  • no cost of replacing lamps and fixtures;
  • reduction pay-roll costs.

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